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Generation Texas is proud to recognize the winner of its first-ever social video contest!

photo-Hannah Martinez

Hannah Martinez

Byron Nelson High School - Fort Worth, Texas


Hannah Martinez will receive a $1,500 scholarship to the college of her choice

Hannah Martinez scored the win by making it as a Top 5 Finalist in stage one with the most video likes. Then later, she drew the most social media engagement during the final Take the Challenge! voting period.

Check out Hannah’s video here.


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photo-Hannah Martinez


GenTX Week Take the Challenge! Video Contest Winner

12th Grade, Byron Nelson High School

Trophy Club, Texas (Fort Worth area)



Q:        What was the inspiration behind your video?

I took a different approach with my video. Preparing for college involves everything you do. It’s not just one thing. You have to apply for scholarships, build your resume, and so much more. I wanted to paint a picture that embodied the strength and determination you need to have to hit it really hard to prepare for college. And go for it.


Q:        What was the creative direction for your video?

I chose not to have myself if in this video because I wanted to stay behind the camera and direct the creative. I feel like I’m a better director, producer, and camera operator than I am an actor. I used friends as actors to represent what I’m doing to prepare for college. I felt I could tell the story better through this symbolism.


Q:        What activities are you most involved in at school?

I’m an officer for the National Honor Society and an officer for the Health Occupational Students of America (HOSA). I also do photography and digital media. I’ve been playing sports every year except this year because I took time off to apply for scholarships and get ready for college right now. I have been on the Varsity Diving team and Varsity Wrestling team. I’ve also played volleyball. I also lead a Bible study at my school where we do a lot of discussion about preparing for college.


Q:        What are your goals for college?

I’d like to study communications or digital media. I’m looking at UT Austin, Art Institute of Dallas, and possibly George Mason University in Virginia where I have some family. When I get to a college campus, I definitely want to get involved with a church, play some sports, do community service and volunteering, and possibly travel.


Q:        Do you have any siblings?

I have one sister, and she’s a sophomore in high school. I’m always mentoring her about taking the steps to prepare for college.


Q:        When you’re not studying or in school, what do you like to do?

I’m very involved in my church. I also have a dream to one day do mission work around the world using my photography and digital media skills. I’d like to travel to Africa, India, and China and show the world how people are living and get them involved to support these countries. I also like to go hiking and running.


Q:        How have your parents been helping you get ready for college?

My Dad has been preparing me for college since I was 2 years old. It was nailed into my brain. My mom is supportive. She takes me on college tours. However, financially, it will be my responsibility to pay for college.


Q:        What’s the one thing you’d like to share with all the GenTX enthusiasts out there?

There’s always hope. If you just work hard to pursue your dreams, have faith, then you’ll be able to accomplish anything.