Become a Take the Challenge! GenTX Week Ambassador during November 18-22, 2013 and get entered into exclusive ambassador contests and PRIZE drawings. Ambassador winners to be announced both Friday, Nov. 22 and Friday, Dec. 6.


As an ambassador, you’ll be scored for how you rev up your community for the three Take the Challenge contests, including the $1,500 scholarship video contest. You’ll take charge by doing these things:

Arrow1   Recruiting high school students to submit their videos for the $1,500 scholarship contest

Arrow1   Recruiting high school seniors to fill out their college applications on

Arrow1   Getting the word out everywhere you can through flyers and social media

Arrow1   Creating some hashtag buzz in your community with #GenTXWeek and #TaketheChallenge


There are a limited number of Ambassador positions available in each community. Already Ambassadors have signed up from these areas:

Arrow1   Abilene
Arrow1   Austin
Arrow1   Dallas
Arrow1   Edinburg
Arrow1   El Paso
Arrow1   Fort Worth
Arrow1   Houston
Arrow1   McCallen
Arrow1   San Antonio
Arrow1   Victoria
Arrow1   Corpus Christi



Get the Ambassadors guidelines here. Apply directly at


Email [email protected] with any additional ambassador questions.