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Stories from Way to Pay

  • Financial Aid

    Financial Aid 101

    Financial Aid Experts

    Applying to scholarships my senior year was definitely worth all of the effort that I put in.

  • Understanding FAFSA

    Understanding FAFSA

    Financial Aid Experts

    The earlier you apply, the better chances you have of receiving some free money, or better financial aid.

  • The Lowdown On Loans

    The Lowdown on Loans

    Financial Aid Experts

    The important part to understand is that student loans from the government are probably going to be your best bet.

  • Undocumented Students

    Undocumented Students

    Financial Aid Experts

    For students that are undocumented…here in the state of Texas, you do have options.

  • Introducción a la Ayuda Financiera

    Financial Aid Experts

    Asistencia financiera es todo el dinero que vas a necesitar para pagar al colegio.

  • Entiendo la FAFSA

    Financial Aid Experts

    Todo empieza con la forma FAFSA.