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Stories from Higher Ed Students

  • story_screen_shot_erica

    Meet Erika, 23

    College student at Northwest Vista

    “Because my family had never gone to college, I didn’t know what to expect or how to go about it.”

  • Conoce a Carlos, 17

    Estudiante universitario en Tarrant County College

    “Yo creo que lo que estoy haciendo con mis estudios me ha hecho un ejemplo a seguir para mis hermanos y hermanas”

  • story_screen_shot_charlesetta

    Meet Charlesetta, 19

    College student at University of North Texas

    “You can’t just do it all on your own. You’ll need help from other people.”

  • story_screen_shot_nelson

    Meet Nelson, 21

    College freshman at Tarrant County College

    “I knew going back to college was definitely something I needed to do if I wanted to get more out of my life.”

  • story_screen_shot_shirley_trylisha

    Meet Shirley, 39, with daughter, TryLisha, 20

    Mother and daughter college students

    “My daughter inspired me to go to college.”

  • Conoce a Adriana, 22

    Estudiante del Centro de salud y Ciencias de la Universidad de Texas en San Antonio

    “Yo creo que la Universidad es lo que te prepara para entender quién es uno realmente.”

  • story_screen_shot_isaac

    Meet Isaac, 20

    College student at Tarrant County College

    “Generation TX is the story of people. It’s not just one person or a family—it’s a whole community letting you know you can do something in life.”

  • story_screen_shot_janet

    Meet Janet, 23

    College student at Texas Woman’s University

    “We are the role models. It’s up to us. We are the future.”