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Stories from First Generation Students

  • story_screen_shot_erica

    Meet Erika, 23

    College student at Northwest Vista

    “Because my family had never gone to college, I didn’t know what to expect or how to go about it.”

  • Conoce a Rogelio, 17, con su mamá, María

    Estudiante junior en high school

    “El “sueño americano”, para mi, es graduarme de la universidad y convertirme en un profesional”

  • Meet Isael, 18

    High school senior

    “Generation TX is people that will help you and encourage you in life. It makes me feel that there are people that want me to become something.”

  • story_screen_shot_senator_davis

    Meet Senator Wendy Davis

    Senator, Texas State Senate, District 10

    “Do not let what you believe to be a mistake or a failure in your life define who you are or what you’re capable of doing.”

  • story_screen_shot_adriana

    Meet Adriana, 16

    High school senior

    “All the leadership skills I’m learning in ROTC will help me take my education to the next level.”

  • story_screen_shot_araceli

    Meet Araceli, 16

    High school junior

    “I’m strong and independent, and I’m going to find my career. I’m going to college.”

  • story_screen_shot_verneicia

    Meet Verneicia, 17

    High school junior

    “When I picture myself in college, I feel grown up. Mature. Independent. I feel like I can do anything. Make my own choices and decisions.”

  • Conoce a Adriana, 22

    Estudiante del Centro de salud y Ciencias de la Universidad de Texas en San Antonio

    “Yo creo que la Universidad es lo que te prepara para entender quién es uno realmente.”

  • story_screen_shot_isaac

    Meet Isaac, 20

    College student at Tarrant County College

    “Generation TX is the story of people. It’s not just one person or a family—it’s a whole community letting you know you can do something in life.”