College for All Texans: Waivers for Tuition and Fees


  • yvonne wood | 2022-01-14

    Not sure how to use this web-site. My son is a National Hispanic Scholar. We are looking for ways to pay for college. Is there a Texas web site where we can apply for money if attending a state school?

    • dev_admin | 2022-01-20

      Hi Yvonne,

      Congrats to you and your son! National Hispanic Scholar is quite an honor. We have many resources under “How to Pay” that can help. Visit for info on Financial Aid, Free Money, and Loans. A good starting point would be filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)—it’s the first step in the financial aid process.

      Thank you!
      GenTX Team

    • Gregory Rios | 2022-01-06

      If he is in the top 10% of his class he can get a full ride(all his tuition piad for a certain Universites. You just have to browse each Universites website. Plus if he wants to become a teacher he gets all his loans and tuition paid for or forgiven when he graduates….

  • Joyce Deajon | 2022-05-05

    I have three granddaughters. One in 6th grade, one in 7th grade and one that just turned 21 and wants to go to college but can’t seem to afford it. There dad, my son, has been told that he has two years to live and I am afraid for the kids that they may not get to college. Any help for them?

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