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Junior Pay Checklist

Don’t let the cost of college get in your way of your education. No matter who you are, you can find your way to pay. We’ve gathered all the best resources into one handy checklist to help you navigate the financial aid process. Print a pdf version of the checklist and mark the boxes off as you go to stay organized and make sure that you are takes the steps necessary to help you pay for college.


Steps To Pay

  • Study up on financial aid. Research the different types of financial aid available (grants, scholarships, loans, work-study). Download a copy of the GenTX Way to Pay Financial Aid Guide, and go through it with your parents. Have a conversation with them about financial aid and saving up for college.
    Helpful websites: Saving for CollegeGenTX Way to Pay
  • Download a sample FAFSA. Get a copy of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and begin reviewing it with your parents to become familiar with the questions and the information you will need to complete it your senior year.
    Helpful websites: FAFSAGenTX Way to Pay
  • Talk to your family about finances. Have a conversation with your parents about the importance of filing their taxes as early as possible your senior year for FAFSA.
    Helpful websites: FAFSAGenTX Way to Pay Video Series
  • Seek out scholarships. See your counselor or college adviser about scholarship opportunities. Fill out as many scholarship applications as possible, and submit them by their required deadlines.
    Helpful websites: Find
  • Continue saving for college. You can also prepare yourself for college life by starting to learn more about budgeting and personal financial management.
    Helpful websites: 40 Money Management Tips