GenTX Victoria

GenTX Day is Friday, May 3, 2022

GenTX Day celebrates and congratulates the students of Generation TX—especially graduating seniors.  As students take their next steps towards realizing their futures, communities across Texas are coming together to applaud their successes and support them as they go on to college and begin career training.

Join In Wear a College T-shirt!

Wearing your favorite college T-shirt is fun and easy to do, and when we all do it together we send a powerful message. Imagine if every person across Texas wears a college T-shirt on GenTX Day.  Students will see people all around them united in their belief in higher education. Wearing a college T-shirt invites conversations for people to share their own personal stories, choices, and careers – conversations that could inspire and change a student’s life. 

Celebrate with us! On Friday, May 3, we want EVERYONE to wear their favorite college T-shirts. We’ll be wearing our shirts—and we want you to join us! Let’s show our students our united support for higher education and for Generation TX. Ask your friends and family to wear a college T-shirt, too.

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