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What next? (4 posts)

  • carlos0monrea1 | 4 months ago:

    I feel and know my potential but what can i do to stop my self from staying stuck in my head thinking and thinking while time and opportunity passes me by?

  • aecastellanos | 4 weeks ago:

    Try to set short term goals that way you can keep yourself occupied. A suggestion would be to think about new methods to improve your studying so that you can get better grades. After working on your short term goals you can start thinking of long term goals.

  • clem123 | 5 days, 7 hours ago:

    next for me is to pass all my senior classes in high school and then do great in the college tests like the act and the sat and not slack off in class and don’t procastinate at the last minute on projects and just go to a college or university

  • yesenia1 | 5 days, 7 hours ago:

    what is next for me is to pass my summer classes and then enjoy the rest of the summer. i would enjoy my senior, however i would not slack off. i would also want to get a job.