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Friday’s Factoid: Keys to Success for Community College Students (1 post)

  • nthea | 4 days, 20 hours ago:

    The Pearson Foundation Community College Student Survey aims to detail the keys to success for community college students. Survey results represent responses from 1,434 U.S. community college students, ages 18-59, to the online, national poll. One of the key results showed that community college students have difficulty in getting into classes. This could be due to the jump in enrollment in community colleges. Enrollment caps could be imposed in some states, including California, which would hurt community colleges that rely heavily on tuition and state money.

    Other key conclusions from the survey included:
    • “Course enrollment difficulties are a barrier to student success;”
    o “Nearly 20 percent of community college students reported difficulty in gaining access to their required courses.”
    • “The first few weeks of the school semester are critical for students;”
    o “Around one in six students (15 percent) reported that he or she had either dropped out or seriously considered dropping out within the first few weeks of the survey semester (fall 2010), generally because of struggles with courses or balancing family and work issues.”
    • “Having access to academic advisors and building relationships with professors are also helpful factors for success;” and
    o “The vast majority (74 percent) of those who dropped out did not discuss their intentions with instructors or advisors.”
    • “There is a growing demand for online learning.”
    o “61% of community college students have taken at least one course online.”