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Believing in this generation is the first step.

If you believe in the spirit and mindset of Generation TX and are ready to help build a college and career ready culture, then we would love to have you as a partner.  Whether by bringing the message and resources of Generation TX to your community, aligning efforts through co-branding, or simply spreading the word about the movement, you can make a significant impact in informing and inspiring students who think that education beyond high school is not relevant to their lives.

  • Donation – Support Generation TX through volunteering in our efforts, funding, or in-kind services.
  • Programming– Enhance Generation TX through providing content or programs resources that align with the movement’s message.
  • Outreach– Promote Generation TX through including us in your marketing efforts or inviting us to participate in your events.
  • Advocacy– Endorse Generation TX through providing your expertise and advocacy to our network.

We would love to hear how you and Generation TX can work together to support this generation of students.  To speak with us about potential partnership opportunities, please fill out and submit the form below.

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