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We are Generation TX. These are our stories.

Successful careers. Love for family. A better, brighter future. These are some of the reasons this generation of Texans is making higher education their goal. Hear personal stories from students and their families about their journeys toward college and career education.

  • story_screen_shot_shirley_trylisha

    Meet Shirley, 39, with daughter, TryLisha, 20

    Mother and daughter college students

    “My daughter inspired me to go to college.”

  • story_screen_shot_mayor_castro

    Meet Mayor Julián Castro

    Mayor, San Antonio, TX

    “Young people thinking about college face several challenges. Often times, if they are a first generation college-goer, they don’t have the support system that knows all the ropes.”

  • story_screen_shot_reanna

    Meet Reanna, 17

    High school junior

    “It’s hard to be the first generation. It’s a lot of pressure. What you see is usually what you’re going to do.”

  • story_screen_shot_verneicia

    Meet Verneicia, 17

    High school junior

    “When I picture myself in college, I feel grown up. Mature. Independent. I feel like I can do anything. Make my own choices and decisions.”

  • story_screen_shot_jordan_keith

    Meet Jordan, 16, with dad, Keith

    High school junior

    “Doing what you love is the key. If you’re not doing something that you love, you won’t be successful at it.”

  • Conoce a Adriana, 22

    Estudiante del Centro de salud y Ciencias de la Universidad de Texas en San Antonio

    “Yo creo que la Universidad es lo que te prepara para entender quién es uno realmente.”