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We are Generation TX. These are our stories.

Successful careers. Love for family. A better, brighter future. These are some of the reasons this generation of Texans is making higher education their goal. Hear personal stories from students and their families about their journeys toward college and career education.

  • story_screen_shot_aaron

    Meet Aaron, 16

    High school junior

    “Some of my friends aren’t going to college because they don’t know how to.”

  • story_screen_shot_adriana

    Meet Adriana, 16

    High school senior

    “All the leadership skills I’m learning in ROTC will help me take my education to the next level.”

  • story_screen_shot_araceli

    Meet Araceli, 16

    High school junior

    “I’m strong and independent, and I’m going to find my career. I’m going to college.”

  • Conoce a Carlos, 17

    Estudiante universitario en Tarrant County College

    “Yo creo que lo que estoy haciendo con mis estudios me ha hecho un ejemplo a seguir para mis hermanos y hermanas”

  • story_screen_shot_charlesetta

    Meet Charlesetta, 19

    College student at University of North Texas

    “You can’t just do it all on your own. You’ll need help from other people.”

  • story_screen_shot_nelson

    Meet Nelson, 21

    College freshman at Tarrant County College

    “I knew going back to college was definitely something I needed to do if I wanted to get more out of my life.”