We Are Generation TX. These Are Our Stories.

Successful careers. Love for family. A better, brighter future. These are some of the reasons this generation of Texans is making higher education their goal. Hear personal stories from students and their families about their journeys toward college and career education.

Meet Oscar, 15

With dreams of becoming a fire chief, Oscar plans to earn his associate’s degree after high school.

Meet Reanna, 17

By her freshman year in high school, Reanna already knew she wanted to be a pediatrician specializing in hematology.

Meet Jessica, 18

Jessica’s love for math piqued her interest in aerospace engineering, a challenging major that she hopes will keep her engaged and excited.

Meet Araceli, 16

Araceli’s dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher keeps her focused on doing well in school and becoming the first in her family to go to college.

Meet Nelson, 21

Three years after graduating high school, Nelson decided to enroll at Tarrant County College to start a career and grow as a person.

Meet Verniecia, 17

As a first-generation college-bound student, Verneicia has big dreams. She’s going to be a pediatric nurse practitioner. She knows it will take work, and she’s ready for the challenge.

Meet Aaron, 16

Becoming a Generation TX role model is one of Aaron’s goals as he prepares to take his SATs and ACTs for college.

Conoce a Rogelio, 17 con su mamá, María

Rogelio aprendió a hablar español en la escuela secundaria y ahora se encuentra en camino para ir a la universidad y estudiar una carrera profesional.