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Andres Arredondo: “For students that are undocumented, or have recently found out from their families that they’re undocumented, um, here in the state of Texas, you do have options. Uh, specifically through a form called the TASFA.”


Maren Lujan: “It’s the Texas Application for State Financial Aid. So if you’ve lived in Texas for the past three years, and are going to be graduating from a Texas high school, you may qualify for Texas aid or grants.”


Lisa Blazer: “There’s state aid that’s available at most institutions for undocumented students, as long as they meet the Texas residency requirement. So that’s something, also, that you need to do as early as January first as well, because those are very limited funds that are available at most institutions.”


Maren Lujan: “You’ll be able to receive Texas money, Texas grants, Texas aid, to help you pay for college in Texas.”


Andres Arredondo: “It’s not electronic. It may be found on some websites for schools, but it’s not something you could submit electronically – so call each individual school and, uh, see if they accept the TASFA.”


Maren Lujan: “The TASFA is very similar to FAFSA – you’ll need your parents’ income information to fill this out, to assess if you have financial need for college.”


Lisa Blazer: “It’s state money, and perhaps institutional, but it’s gonna depend on the university that you’re going to. So you want to send your TASFA to multiple – if you applied to ten schools, send it to the ten different schools and look and see what they have available. The Texas Application for State Financial Aid has to be filled out every year, just like that FAFSA form. Because every year we may have different funding levels at the – at the schools, so we have to look at your eligibility every year.”