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“Right now, I’m still trying to figure out which colleges are right for me. So, I’m, um, working on my list.  So I want to go to Baylor University. Because I like their motto, ‘Beyond and Above.’ That’s how I set my goals, to go always beyond and above.”


“My name is Verneicia Allen, I’m seventeen years old and I’m from Fort Worth, Texas.”


“College was the expectation for me. Since I was younger, that’s how they say it: ‘College, college.’ So knowing that I’m the first generation there to go to college, it can be a little scary. I’m trying to do something different from what my family members have done. If I accomplish my goals, then that means the next person on down the line will know that they have a chance.”


“I want to be a pediatric nurse practitioner. To accomplish my goals, I plan to apply to colleges, um, apply for financial aid and keep my grades up. Come to school every day so I don’t have any kind of troubles over graduating across the stage.”


“I think college will be a little harder to make the right decisions, so I won’t party a lot and get off track. A lot of reading, and a lot of paperwork. A lot of projects. Way more than high school. But I think I can do it.”


“When I picture myself going to Baylor or any other college, I feel grown-up. Mature. Like, independent. Feeling like I can do anything – make my own choices and decisions.”


“I feel like I am Generation Texas because I’ve moved forward. Generation Texas allows all the kids to find assistance to help them go to college. College tours, scholarships, Generation Texas is there for you.”


“The challenges you have to overcome are going to be hard, but you can just step out there and go for it. Don’t hesitate.”


“I am Generation Texas. To know that I’m a part of Generation Texas, it makes me feel good – like someone is out there caring about me. Wanting me to do better. Because they want everybody to have a chance at going to college.”