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“I am adventurous. I like doing things that are out of the ordinary. And, like, if I want to do something, I’m a go-getter. I’m going to go do it, if I have to.”


“My name is Reanna Witherspoon; I’m from San Antonio, Texas and I am seventeen years old.”


“My father dropped out in – I think, his senior year. And my mom: she could have finished, um, high school. She didn’t want to finish. And then she had me. And I remember, growing up – she wanted to go back to school. And she was going to go back to school, but she knew that she had to take care of me. And she gave up, you know, her education just so she could raise me. That motivated me, like, you know – I need to get out of that, you know, cycle: I need to be the one to step up.”


“My little sister. You know – she’s looking at me, and she’s – she’s going to see, okay, this is my sister, I love her, I’m going to be like her. So I – I feel like, you know, I have to step it up. You know. I’m – I’m hoping the best for her, like my parents did for me. You know? It’s kind of hard to be that first generation, because it’s a lot of pressure. And like I said, it’s like a cycle, you know. What you see is usually what you’re going to do, in your family. You know, it’s your lifestyle. And so it’s kind of hard to break through that cycle.”


“I want to be in the medical field. So it all started off when I would watch Channel 44, the health channel. I would try to figure out what diseases they had, and I – I wanted to do something big for my life. I want to be a pediatrician, specialized in hematology. A lot of my teachers were surprised that I knew what I wanted to do, and – by my freshman year. And not a lot of kids, by their freshman year, even think about what they wanted to do. They’re just thinking about making friends, you know, going out – and I was ready, at that level, like I know what I want to do. And I know what I have to do to get there.”


“You know, you – you think once you’re done with high school, you know, that’s it. But, you know, you’re just getting started. Once you hit college, it’s just like, okay, this will determine, you know, your path to, you know, what your future career is going to be. When I think about graduate school I get excited, because I’m at that UTL science center. So I see the med students all excited, with their big backpacks, and you know, going to their seminars, and I see myself being there.”


“I am Generation Texas. And I can tell people about this movement. I can spread the word about it. And I’m not alone.”