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“My mom is the best support system ever. She – she wants me to better myself. She wants me to do things that she didn’t get to do. She wants me to go see the world.”


“My name is Jessica Wells; I’m 18 years old, I go to Jefferson High School in San Antonio.”


“The difference between high school and college would be the maturity level. When you go to college, you’re all on your own. You have to be able to manage time way differently than high school. “


“When I go off to college, I think more than anything, I’m going to be scared and excited all at the same time. I’m going to be one emotional mess. Living in dorms, meeting new people, trying things you never thought you would…being more independent…not have my mom wake me up every day.”


“Filling out applications is not easy. There’s so many things that go along with it. You have to do applications, financial aid, housing, scholarships, grants. I’m applying to MIT, Columbia, Syracuse, A&M, Smith College, maybe UT. I’m not really sure. The deciding factor would be how much money they would offer me to go…because I’m not gonna be able to pay for it all at once. I’m gonna need help.”


“The kind of engineering I would want to do would be aerospace engineering, because I’ve always loved math. I’m like the biggest math nerd you will ever meet. It’s something that’s challenging for me – it’s something that will keep me on my toes. Um – it’s not the typical job, for a female, especially. It’s something I love to do.”


“Generation Texas can open more doors to opportunities for kids. It’ll show them that, like, hey – people like me can go to college.”


“My name is Jessica, and I am Generation Texas.”