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“My main goal in high school was just pass my classes, pass the tests and continue on to my next year. I did have some, um, support from my aunt, saying, you know, after high school, you need to go to college. ‘Mijo,’ she would call me, and she would say, ‘What do you want to do when you graduate high school? Go to college, get a degree, do what you like to do.’”


“My name is Isaac Cuellar. I’m 20 years old; I live now in South Fort Worth. While in high school, I would work with my uncle on cars. My uncle taught me a lot of things: taking cars apart, you know, buying cars, fix them, sell them to somebody that really needs a car. So ever since then I was like, oh, you know, this is fun. And then my junior year, that’s when I realized: This is what I like. This is what I like to do. Then I ended up learning that, if…. to work on cars, you have to be an automotive technician. Which was like, oh, you know – I’ll do that.”


“The two-year program that I’m taking, I’ve been there for a year already and I have learned quite a lot. What I like about working on cars was that it’s…it gets me a lot of harsh things off my mind. It makes me focus on what I’m doing, to get it done right.”


“So my plan is, after finishing my two-year program at TCC, I plan to do a little bit of work at a dealership, save up some money and then go to a four-year university. The sooner you start getting prepared for college, the better and easier it will get. Getting prepared from sophomore year is the best thing to do, but doing it in junior year is also a good thing to do. I took the chance of not doing any of that until senior year – I made the mistake of not applying to financial aid. I made the mistake and I had to pay with my own money. I was pretty much set on my mind, so like, oh, I’ll just pay for my classes, since it’s not very expensive. Something that I can afford. And in the future, it will pay me back with what I’m learning in school.”


“When I see some of my friends, you know, that they just decided to drop out of high school, because they just thought that it was worthless, I’m like well, you know, they had a little motivation from somebody, they could probably you know, change their mind. Because I had it from my family, and it helped.”


“Generation Texas? I mean – it’s just, it’s sort of people. It’s not just one person or a family or a teacher, saying that – it’s a whole community, getting together and making you feel special. And making you know that you could do something in life. Having a community has a bigger – bigger effect on people. We are Generation Texas.”


“If a lot of people were to have that kind of motivation, I think we’ll see more students going to college than dropping out.”