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“My family, we’re not the typical family. There’s eleven in the house, but six out of the nine are foster. Well, this is Madison, this is Tyler, Dianna, DeMarion, Alexis, Imani, Deja, Sabiana.”


“My name is DeVonte Thompson, and I’m fifteen years old, and I’m from San Antonio, Texas.”


“Well, my priorities are school and family, basically. School I know has to come first, ‘cause I have to get it done, and family, so I can watch out for the rest of my family, and just be there when they need me. When I was about twelve years old or so, we got my two-year-old sister. She was just a brand-new baby, and my mom just fell in love. The adoption agency told my mom that, okay, she has five other brothers and sisters, you either take all, or you don’t take any. At first it was kind of overwhelming for me, ‘cause I’m going in just having one little brother that got on my nerves, to having all these kids running around in my house. But I got used to it, and now we’re just, all of us are like the best of friends.”


“Being a role model – it does – it is a lot of responsibility. ‘Cause you have people looking up at you, and you don’t want to mess up. I usually tell ‘em, ‘Try to shape your future out today, so it can be better tomorrow.’”


“Big Brothers Big Sisters has done a lot for me. They took me to – to Washington D.C. this summer and – for free – and it was amazing. We went to the White House, we went to the Capitol Hill, we went to the Supreme Court, we went to all the monuments and it was just the most fascinating thing. And I – well, I’m used to looking at it in a textbook and be like, ‘Oh, I want to go there one day.’ But actually seeing it was overwhelming, and kind of surreal, to be in Washington D.C. where all the decisions are made, and I – was in awe.”


“The next step for me is to try to get into George Washington University. And I’m going to major in political science. Political science, to me, is just very interesting. I just – I love it. And I, like – I’ll sit there and watch the C-Span, and all that, and like my friends are like, ‘You just so boring’ – but I like it. It interests me. I like how people are in charge, and things like, and – how they can affect our everyday lives, and to make ‘em better or worse. So I want to make the world just that much better.”


“My biggest challenge is staying focused. Because most people’s challenge is staying focused on what they want to do.”


“Generation Texas, to me, is trying to motivate more kids to go to college – and succeed in college, not just go and then drop out, basically. Go to college, finish college. I want Generation Texas to raise more awareness towards what college is all about.”


“I am DeVonte, and I am Generation Texas.”