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“In college, some people like to party instead of do their work. And I say you should do your work first, because after the parties, you’re still going to have to go to class. And homework’s going to be due.”


“My name is Charlesetta Woodbury. I go to school at University of North Texas, and I am nineteen years old. I’m majoring in business finance at University of North Texas.”


“As you move into college, I recommend that you really interact with others and move away from your comfort zone, because you can’t just do it all on your own. You’re going to need help from other people, and they can help you in the long run.”


“I had a lot of mentors in my life. Like at the Boys and Girls Club, I had a mentor by the name of Deborah Craiger, and she just helped me get ready for college. She helped me get recommendation letters from teachers, and she actually wrote me a recommendation letter. I was really thankful for her, for doing it for me.”


“We went to a lot of college tours – Texas A&M, Texas Tech and University of North Texas. She was a great mentor, and she still helps me to this day – just encouraging me to stay in there all four years and really do something with my life.”


“I would consider being a mentor to someone coming to college, because I have one year under my belt, so I can just help them prepare for their first year, or just be ready for the college life – so I would take on that responsibility.”


“Generation Texas is a good thing, because basically they are giving you the encouragement you need to move forward. They’re going to help you and promote you to do more.”


“I hope you will support Generation Texas. I am Generation Texas.”