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“My little cousin gave me this one. My sister gave me this one before she left to college, and this one has my name on here.”


“My name is Adriana Cardenas, and I’m from San Antonio, Texas. I am sixteen years old. I go to school at Lanier High School.”


“I have one older brother and two sisters, one older and one younger. We currently don’t live with our mother, because my mom got locked up, so…. Both my parents didn’t go to college, and my sister is the first in our generation, and I hope to follow into her footsteps. Like, I know that if she can do it, me and my younger sister will be able to do it also.”


“Freshman year, I would slack off a lot – I would skip with friends, and I wasn’t into school. I think the turning point was that I joined ROTC and it turned out that I loved it. That’s when I started working on all my schoolwork, and actually turning in my work – and now I’m becoming someone. And then my sophomore year came, and then I got a position in the staff in ROTC, and my colonel is just, ‘We’ve seen how much you’ve grown into the program – we really like your dedication, and we know you can do this position, and we know you’re good enough to do it.’ So that’s when I found out that somebody actually believed that I could do something – and that’s what changed it all.”


“I felt loved – like, for once. I felt like they knew that I could do something. I think it’s preparing me a lot for college, ‘cause all the leadership skills that I’m learning from ROTC is gonna help me take it to the next level.”


“I hope to gain a degree. ‘Cause people can take everything away from you, take your house, take your car, anything – but they won’t be able to take the degree. You – that would be like a tattoo on your arm. I have to send in my scores, my transcript, I have to write two essays and a third one, which is optional, but always do the third essay, ‘cause that third essay will be the one that…. Cherry on top.”


“Generation Texas is a group of people trying to make a difference, to help kids go and pursue higher education. With my sister going off to college, she inspired my uncle, and my aunt’s also going back to college. And knowing that I will be going to college next year, and we’re also trying to motivate my little sister into going. Like, now I realize that my whole family is a part of Generation Texas. And it’s awesome.”


“Generation Texas is awesome.”