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“As a freshman, I just – I didn’t want to go to school. I just, I thought, this is crazy – I don’t know what I’m doing here by myself all year. It got a little bit easier. Going through high school, I’d been very, very scared. Just – I don’t know what comes after that. Just the fear of the unknown. But fear and happiness – it’s part of the high school experience.”


“My name is Aaron Grey, and I am going into the eleventh grade. I go to Theodore Roosevelt High School.”


“My parents are divorced, so I live with my mom. I see my dad, uh, every other weekend. My dad went to college, but he never finished. So, my mom – she graduated high school and she planned on going to college, but it never really, um, did it. They try to encourage me to do anything that I want to. They want me to go to college and really make something of myself.”


“Being the first person in my family to go to college, I would – be pretty big. I’m sure there’d be a lot of celebration. Probably pass out from being so happy. Just being the first person to graduate from college, that’d be – that’d be amazing.”


“Some of my friends don’t want to go to college, because they don’t know how to, they just don’t want to. I just think that they don’t know how to do it – they’re just scared about it. ‘Oh, college – that’s not for me, because I don’t make the grades, or I don’t come from the right family,’ or any of whatever reason that they’re thinking. Tried to talk them into doing it, just because no matter what your background is, no matter who you are, you can go to college. It’s possible. Anything’s possible.”


“Whenever I was a freshman, I didn’t see homework as very – very vital, but once I got into my sophomore year, homework was – it became very, very important. I’ve told my brother that he needs to start developing study habits, start getting to know the teachers, talk to them more. I tried to tell my brother just to, don’t be afraid to go talk to somebody – that’s a really big one. I had trouble with that for a long time.”


“Trying to help out my little brother a lot. But he doesn’t want me to. As you go through high school, you mature, and you start to see the world differently, and it all starts to come together – and you start seeing everything a little bit more clearly. I need to start looking into college applications and starting to get familiar with them. Taking the SATs and ACTs is most important right now. I am ready for the challenge.”


“Being part of Generation Texas, I do believe that – I’d be a great role model. You have other people to rely on, and you can say hey, I need some help, or, you know, hey, how do I fill out this form, or application. Um, we can start getting out there and raising awareness, to help build the excitement. I’m sure that there’s lots of students at Roosevelt that would enjoy being part of this movement. Really help them out a lot.”


“I am Generation Texas. I definitely want to be part of the movement. Sounds like – sounds like a great thing to be part of.”