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Michelle Castillo: “I’m excited to be a part of GenTX Day because it’s supporting our students — visibly, tangibly letting them know, “Hey, we’re here for you. We believe in your success.”


Mike Martinez: “The Mayor and I and the Council stand here to support you today in whatever you choose to do – and we thank you for choosing college.”


Mayor Lee Leffingwell: “I, Lee Leffingwell, mayor of the city of Austin, Texas, do hereby proclaim May 4th ‘Generation Texas Day’ in Austin, Texas. Congratulations to all of you.”


Mayor John Cook: “May the fourth, 2012, is officially GenTX Day throughout El Paso, Texas.”


Dr. Martha Cantu: “The great thing about GenTX Day for us here at UT Pan Am is that they get to hear from other college students that are – are living the higher education dream, and so they get to share that with them.”


Good Morning Texas Anchor: “This Friday, May 4th, is Generation Texas Day! The hope is to have as many Texans as possible sporting their college gear to spark conversations and stories of college choices and careers.”


Male Voice: “Everybody wearing a college T-shirt on GenTX Day really gets the conversation started for higher education.”


Ken Wiley: “It’s nice to have a day set aside to – to basically make a conversation starter, about the importance of higher education.”


Dominic Chavez: “Young people can see people at school, they can see people in the grocery store; it inspires them to ask questions about where did you go to school and how did you do it.”


Gaby Pulido: “I learned that my English teacher graduated from TCU – I can ask her questions about campus and what activities she did while she was there, so that was – that was nice.”


Dominic Chavez: “What we’re seeing with Generation Texas, particularly this year, is that communities large and small all over Texas have taken ownership of Generation Texas and are being inspired by the movement. Places that we didn’t even expect to see an effort like this – it, it is happening everywhere.”


Irma Garza: “The City of Edinburg supported Generation Texas with a proclamation; we proclaimed today as GenTX Day, and the city employees were allowed to wear shirts with their alma maters.”


Alyssa Rogers: “People see you wearing a college shirt – it shows that you’re proud that you went to college, that you have a degree, which is something no one can take away from you.”


Anchor: “Tyler mayor Barbara Bass will declare today Generation Texas day in downtown Tyler at 10 am. Community members are asked to wear their favorite college T-shirts today to show their support.”


Anchor: “He is one semester away from getting his degree – that’s why he supports the efforts of GenTX, so other kids can go to college as well. Please welcome Vince Young to the show. Hello, Vince.”


Vince Young: “I turn to people like my mother, my grandmother, my sisters, my counselors in school, my coaches, people that I felt like I love, that could push me to where I need to be at in life.”


Dr. Meria Carstarphen: “Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do what you want to do! You are extraordinary young people! And you’ve done our school district very proud.”


Justin Smith: “We’re in Lubbock, Texas. This is Generation Texas. This is the best-ever year, maybe, for Generation Texas Day.”


Matthew Byler: “We’re giving away fifty $1,000 scholarships to local students of the South Plains region.”


Dulce Segura: “We are so proud of you. You guys are seriously creating a college-going culture in your homes, in your communities and in the state.”


Matthew Byler: “Covenant Health Systems has already donated ten thousand dollars to next year’s scholarship fund.”


Rodney Cates: “We sent out a communication all-wide to all Covenant employees at all five campuses to wear their shirts to proudly display where they went to college.”


Eddie Owens: “Anything that we can do as corporate citizens – not just our company, but all the companies in our community – if we can come together in, as a single unified body, raise the awareness of the need for higher education.”


Richard Garcia: “When we deliver the orders out, we’re giving them flyers, coupons, to let them know, you know, that we’re promoting GenTX Day. The customers are asking them why they’re wearing the shirts, and they just start telling them, you know, since they were in high school, the reasons they needed to go to college, and they share their story with them. You know, I want them to go to college to be successful.”


Dennis McMillan: “First-generation students – they can’t go to their parents and say, you know, what was it like when you went to college – because they didn’t go to college. They don’t have an older brother or sister that went to college.”


Orlando Garcia: “I am the first one to graduate in – to graduate from high school and go to college, actually. So just – a dream come true to me.”


Dulce Segura: “You are paving the way for your families, for your brothers, for your sisters, for your cousins. Even your children and your grandchildren.”


Debbie Krebs: “With some of the students that we’re working with, that – have not had anyone in their families go to college, they don’t see it as an option.”


Zack Garcia: “My name’s Zack Garcia. I’ll be going to University of Texas at Austin.”


David Garcia: “I’m very proud of him. It’s lots of work, because we’ve never had anybody in the family do this before.”


Tahita Fulkerson: “We are trying to get those families on the college campus; many of them have never been to a college campus. They don’t understand the opportunities that are here.”


Male Voice: “We’re doing it for the families, for the individuals.”


Dr. Robert Nelsen: “Every kid who goes to college is one less family in poverty. In the valley, there’s 1.2 million people. The average age is 25.9. This is an opportunity to start with the kids young and get them excited about college.”


Dr. Kelvin Sharp: “I think some of them hear the media, that it costs so much, and it’s so expensive, that maybe they think it’s out of their reach. It’s not. There are a lot of opportunities. You don’t have to go a full four years. You can go two years – you can go a year.”


Anitria Flores: “GenTX Day is very important to us seniors: we aren’t by ourselves, we actually have guidance through it all.”


Vince Young: “GenTX and Vince Young Foundation, we really do care about y’all…. Our vision, is y’all sitting right here, to see y’all succeed.”


Dominic Chavez: “We’re so excited – we’re actually getting national attention from places like the New York Times, and – and other national media outlets, so I think we’re just on the ground floor of something very special here.”


Justin Smith: “This is the beginning of a journey that’s going to tell you who you are for the rest of your life…. You accomplished this. You did it. You deserved it. So here’s to the graduating class of 2012.”


Orlando Garcia: “GenTX Day is just a meeting of a group of people for a unified purpose – you know, going to college, succeeding, making that dream come true even when there’s hardships that go against you – saying, I can do this. It’s possible.”