Find Your Way to Pay For College

It’s hard. It’s complicated. It’s worth it.
Learn the different ways you can pay for college with scholarships, grants, loans, savings, and earnings.

GenTX Way to Pay: Financial Aid Guide

This helpful guide provides a wealth of information for students and parents beginning the financial aid process. From an explanation of the challenges surrounding FAFSA to an in-depth look at the many types of financial aid, this is a great reference you can download and print English or Spanish versions as you find your way to pay for college.

Way to Pay: FAFSA

Way to Pay: TASFA

Way to Pay: Loans

Way to Pay: Financial Aid

Way to Pay: FAFSA (Spanish)

Way to Pay: Financial Aid (Spanish)

For Teachers and Community Leaders

Planning financial aid events? There is an entire GenTX Way to Pay promotion program kit for you in the GenTX download center.