Generation Texas Month 2017

GenerationTX Month 2017 - Accept the Challenge!

Texas high schools and districts that sign-up and accept the challenge will provide you with FREE GENTX #IAPPLIED STICKERS for all seniors at your campus an ApplyTexas and FAFSA dashboard and data with your high school before and after this initiative so that you see your goals and progress as we work together for Generation Texas. We will also provide your school and district with a certificate for participating in this effort. If you are joining the challenge and are not a high school, we will provide your organization with a certificate as well.


The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board proudly announces the Generation TX (GenTX) Month campaign, which combines our statewide College Application and Financial Aid Awareness campaign, the nationwide American College Application Campaign® (ACAC) Initiative, and the 60x30TX Texas Challenge to Reach Higher efforts into one powerful month. GenTX Month also coincides with the opening of the 2018-19 FAFSA and TASFA. During GenTX Month, students at participating high schools will be assisted as they complete college and financial aid applications (ApplyTexas and FAFSA or TASFA).

Generation Texas Month supports the regional efforts and goals of the 60x30TX Texas Challenge to Reach Higher, an initiative to increase college applications, FAFSA completions, and college readiness across Texas.

Our Goals this year are to have:

  • At least 1,200 Texas High Schools accept the challenge and support GenTX Month with College Application and Financial Aid activities, events, and outreach
  • Every participating high school increase ApplyTexas and FAFSA applicants and completions by four percentage points (4%) above the prior academic school year
  • Every eligible student (seniors) in Texas complete and submit the FAFSA or TASFA and an admission application through ApplyTexas to at least one institution of higher education

To get started, sign-up to take the challenge and grab a copy of the Generation Texas Month Community Planning Guide!

Already planning events or activities before or after November? Want to get involved through your middle or elementary school? We’ve got you covered! We welcome all events in and around these dates and at all schools and throughout our communities to be included in our statewide campaign to make the biggest impact we can for Generation Texas!

Ready to get started? Planning an event for students to complete ApplyTexas and FAFSA or TASFA? We suggest several steps to make Generation Texas Month a huge success:

  • Sign-up to accept the Generation Texas Month Challenge!
  • Download the Generation Texas Month Guide for updated resources, templates, messaging, and help in planning events.
  • Visit ApplyTexas to review updates, fees, and deadlines to apply for college.
  • Review the new changes to FAFSA and share updates with students, families, school teachers, and the community.
  • Support students as they research post-secondary options that best match their skills, interests, and abilities.
  • Don’t forget: It’s never too early to RESERVE the computer lab or event location for the day you intend to hold your event. Remember to provide enough time for students to use the computers to complete ApplyTexas and FAFSA or TASFA.
  • Communicate with students, families, school teachers, and volunteers about your event. Alert local media about your event.
  • Reach out to parents and the community for GenTX volunteers.
  • Remind teachers, administrators, parents, and students (especially seniors!) about the event.
  • Share photos, videos, and stories to Generation Texas social media profiles using #IApplied to spread the message!

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Planning a College Application/Financial Aid Month Event?

Download the Generation Texas Month Community Planning Guide to host a College Application/Financial Aid event on your campus!