GenTX Day

GenTX Day celebrates and congratulates the students of Generation TX—especially graduating seniors. As students take their next steps towards realizing their futures, communities across Texas are coming together to applaud their successes and support them as they go on to college and begin career training.

On GenTX Day, we want EVERYONE to wear their favorite college T-shirt to show an entire community’s united support for higher education and for Generation TX. The GenTX Day Planning and Promotion Kits gather together everything you need to plan, promote and celebrate GenTX Day in your community as part of the state-wide celebration. Your leadership, support and enthusiasm for GenTX Day can serve as a rally point to launch or fuel the Generation TX movement.

The GenTX Day Training Video below gives an overview of what GenTX Day is all about, what tools and materials are available to you in the kits, and ideas to make a big impact in your community on GenTX Day.

Requesting a Broadcast Quality GenTX PSA File

GenTX Day Planning Kit

The Community Planning Guide is especially designed for organizations such as Regional P-16 Councils, but anyone is welcome to use it as a resource in planning and organizing events around GenTX Day. This guide may be helpful for students, Chambers of Commerce, businesses, community groups, education programs, school leadership groups, PTAs, neighborhoods, and any other supercharged individuals and organizations who want to lead the way.

Use the Request Letter Template as a base letter to customize when engaging other members of your community in your efforts by enlisting support from local partners and businesses.

The GenTX Day Playlist and Instruction Doc lists appropriate songs and artists that will connect with and inspire students as well as methods of purchasing or accessing the songs for GenTX Day activities.

GenTX Day Community Planning Guide (8.5″x11″, Color, PDF)
GenTX Day Local Partner Request Letter Template (8.5″x11″, Color, MS Word Doc)
GenTX Day Playlist and Instructions (8.5″x11″, Color, MS Word Doc)

Download GenTX Day Planning Kit

GenTX Day Promotion Kit

Use the tools below to promote GenTX Day events, increase awareness and get as many students, parents and other community partners as possible to wear a college T-shirt on GenTX Day.

  • GenTX Day Customizable Flyer Template (8.5″x11″, Color, Black & White, MS Word)
  • GenTX Day Promotion Messages (8.5″x11″, Color, MS Word Doc)
  • GenTX Day Fact Sheet (8.5″x11″, Color, PDF)
  • GenTX Day Promo Flyer (11″x17″, 8.5″x11″, 4.25″x5.5″, Color, PDF)
  • Senior Spotlight Templates (11″x17″, 8.5″x11″, Color, Black & White, MS Word)
  • GenTX Day Web Banners (160×600, 180×150, 120×60, Color, GIF)
  • GenTX Day Radio Script (8.5″x11″, MS Word Doc, English and Spanish)

Download GenTX Day Promotion Kit


GenTX Day Intro Video


The GenTX Day intro video is a short 3 minute video that vividly introduces GenTX Day by seeing it in action, and hearing from supporters and students that have made GenTX Day a growing success. It is a great tool you can use to quickly paint a picture of GenTX Day for potential community partners (business, media, spokespersons, etc.) who you may be contacting to help with your own GenTX Day promotion efforts.

Note: This file is roughly 180MB and may take a while to download completely.