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Welcome to the Download Center for Generation TX. This resource is designed to serve as a guide, reference and access point for using the Generation TX brand and associated materials pursuant to a licensing agreement.

All of the materials and tools provided in the Download Center are free for you to download and use. Below, we’ve included highlights of some of the most popular materials available. Explore and enjoy.



Rock Your Future


Rock Your Future is a back-to-school seasonal promotion that focuses on getting students thinking about their future and next steps toward college and career readiness. Visit the Rock Your Future page for everything you need to plan, promote and hold Rock Your Future events in your community.

GenTX Day

GenTX Day is a statewide seasonal promotion that encourages everyone to wear a college T-shirt to celebrate the students of Generation TX, especially the seniors, and to invite conversations about their personal college experience. Visit the GenTX Day page for everything you will need to plan, promote and celebrate GenTX Day in your community.

GenTX Way to Pay

GenTX Way to Pay seasonal promotion helps clarify the college financial aid process for students and parents. Visit the GenTX Way to Pay page for everything you will need to plan, promote and hold financial aid events in your community.

GenTX Poster Series

The GenTX poster series features messages promoting the Generation TX mindset, and provides information on key topics like college readiness, the ApplyTexas application, FAFSA and financial aid. They are all now available to download in the Print section. Whitelist Flyer

Make sure that is available in your school. Our Whitelist Flyer will show public school administrators and IT professionals how to allow access to (or “whitelist”) in their schools.

What is Generation TX?

Generation TX is a statewide, grassroots movement focused on creating a culture of college and career education that leads to the most successful generation ever. Generation TX is also, technically, the “brand” that provides the name, messaging, design language, etc. for this grassroots movement. A brand is made up of a set of impressions, including characteristics that distinguish it from other brands and draw out feelings of emotional and functional benefit. The visual expression of a brand is name, logo, imagery, messaging, etc. but a brand is much more than that. A brand is the collection of perceptions that are associated with this campaign, as well as the symbols that help people recognize the components of the campaign. Consistent use of these brand expressions helps build the equity and awareness of the campaign.

Logo Finder

Our helpful Logo Finder tool will guide you to the Generation TX logo, in the format that is right for you. The Generation TX logo can be customized to co-brand with other logos and organizations. Click here to explore the different options available.