Weatherford HS - Weatherford ISD
The University of Texas at Arlington (Arlington, TX)

Weatherford, TX

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"Attended the GENTX Leadership training today. Visit and engage yourself with making this generation college bound."

High school(s) attended:

Weatherford HS - Weatherford ISD

College/Career training (places, degrees, etc.):

The University of Texas at Arlington (Arlington, TX)

What is your career or vocation?

Business Development Manager ACCO Brands

How has your education impacted your career and your life?

Molded my life into what and who I am today. Education is the doorway to your life journey.

From where you are now, what do you believe about the role of education, especially college?

High School is not the end, it's the beginning. The real goal is to complete college education and embark on your lifes journey.

What advice do you have for the students of Generation TX?

Make higher education, college your reality. It's not an option. Aspire to lofty goals and accomplish them and work hard every day.

Why do you believe in Generation TX?

It starts here. Let's make it easy for ALL Texans to be college and career ready. Lack of access to resources is no longer our reality, the information is available....ACCESS it through

What are your goals as a GenTX supporter?

Reach as many people as possible, communicate with everyone I know and create an extended network to spread the GENTX message.