Dr. José M. Lázaro - Carolina, Puerto Rico
University of Puerto Rico/Computer Science

Dallas, TX

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High school(s) attended:

Dr. José M. Lázaro - Carolina, Puerto Rico

College/Career training (places, degrees, etc.):

University of Puerto Rico/Computer Science

What is your career or vocation?

Senior Support Escalation Engineer

How has your education impacted your career and your life?

My education got me the job I have today and I have not stopped studying.

From where you are now, what do you believe about the role of education, especially college?

It is a necessity these days to have an education.

What advice do you have for the students of Generation TX?

Discover your passion, the study to get a degree on what you're passionate about. Find a mentor, someone you can talk to and ask advise/guidance in whatever field you are passionate about. Learn another language and become bilingual. Being bilingual gives you an edge over other that only know English. So learn Spanish, French, Portuguese or any language of your preference.

Why do you believe in Generation TX?

It's another mechanism the youth of day understand, that is the Internet and Social Networks.

What are your goals as a GenTX supporter?

Be a Mentor or Guidance Councilor to any student that has a passion for technology.