Middleton High School, Middleton, WI
University of Wisconsin, BFA '02

Austin, TX

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High school(s) attended:

Middleton High School, Middleton, WI

College/Career training (places, degrees, etc.):

University of Wisconsin, BFA '02

What is your career or vocation?

Graphic Design

How has your education impacted your career and your life?

The experience of college had a large impact on my life. The people I met, the classes and activities I enrolled in, and the things I learned while I was there have all shaped my life since. Go! Big! Red!

From where you are now, what do you believe about the role of education, especially college?

Education plays a very important role. Whether it's a four-year college, a tech school, an apprenticeship, or other educational program, remaining curious and continuing to learn new things is the whole ball of wax.

What advice do you have for the students of Generation TX?

Continue your education beyond high school, but never assume anyone has all the answers—including yourself. Ask a lot of questions. Consider all sides of an argument. Try and convince other people of what you believe, and be willing to be convinced by others. Remain open-minded and never give up.

Why do you believe in Generation TX?

I believe in Generation TX because I believe in the potential of students in Texas. I want to see them achieve their goals and be successful.