Benavides High School - Benavides ISD
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (Corpus Christi, TX)

Laredo, TX

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"I work for a GEAR UP grant that is housed at Texas A&M International University. I assist the “Class of 2013″ from Hebbronville High School, San Diego High School and Benavides Secondary School in their journey to higher education!"

High school(s) attended:

Benavides High School - Benavides ISD

College/Career training (places, degrees, etc.):

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (Corpus Christi, TX)

What is your career or vocation?

B.A. - Communication (Speech) M.S. - Education

How has your education impacted your career and your life?

My education has enabled to me to get a better job and to reach out to students, parents, administrators, and teachers.

From where you are now, what do you believe about the role of education, especially college?

I believe education plays a major factor in the future of students' lives.

What advice do you have for the students of Generation TX?

Whether you are planning to attend a 4 year or two year institution or vocational scool, make sure you finish what you start. The more education you, the more doors that will open to you.

Why do you believe in Generation TX?

Since I'm a TeXan, I want my home state to have more opportuinites to better themselves, through education.

What are your goals as a GenTX supporter?

As a GenTX supporter, I want to make sure the current group of students I work with, and other Texan, college-bound students, make sure they persue their dreams and realize their goals.

Do you have special skills or expertise to share?

Other: GEAR UP