Take The Challenge

How are YOU taking the challenge to prepare for college?




In celebration of 2013 Generation TX Week (November 18-22), all Texas high school students are invited to join the first-ever GenTX social video contest with the theme: Take the Challenge!

Create a 2-3 minute original video that shows us how you’re challenging yourself right now in high school with a path that will help you succeed in college and career.

Get creative with your video and show us how you’re doing one (or all three) of these things to prepare:

Arrow1   Enrolling in a rigorous academic plan in school

Arrow1   Involving parents and family as you prepare for college and career

Arrow1   Preparing right now to fill out the best college application through ApplyTexas.org and to pay for college (high school seniors only)



Arrow1   The Take the Challenge! video contest takes place during Generation TX Week.

Arrow1   Students upload their videos to their personal YouTube account using the hashtags #GenTXWeek #TaketheChallenge.

Arrow1   Students fill out an online video entry form by 12 a.m. midnight (CST) on Friday, November 22, 2021 that contains a video link for contest judges to review.

Arrow1   Judges then select the top five eligible videos to be determined based on number of YouTube “Likes.”

Arrow1   Parents of the contestants who created the top five videos are contacted on Tuesday, December 3, 2021 and will be asked to email a compressed video file to judges (e.g. Windows Media Player or MPEG-4 file)

Arrow1   The top five videos are uploaded to the GenTX YouTube Channel for public voting, which takes place on Thursday,December 5, 2013 beginning at 8 a.m. (CST) and ending at 12 a.m. midnight (CST).

Arrow1   A link to the top five YouTube videos is promoted on the GenTX Facebook and Twitter pages.

Arrow1   Voting takes place through social media. The public is encouraged to re-tweet and share the top five videos using the hashtags #GenTXWeek #TaketheChallenge.

Arrow1   The winning video will be announced Friday, December 6, 2021 at 5 p.m. (CST). Download a copy of the Contest Guidelines & Rules for Entry.



Arrow1   The Take the Challenge! video that gets the most combined social media follows (“likes” and “tweets”) published on the GenTX social media pages (Facebook+Twitter) wins! The creator of the winning video gets a $1,500 college scholarship*. The top five videos and the contestants who created them are prominently featured on the website GenTX.org. Also during the contest period, the high school campus that completes the most college applications through ApplyTexas.org receives the GenTX Week Star Award and receives $1,000 of GenTX swag. In the video entry form, students are also asked to nominate their most inspiring teacher. Ten winning teachers from high schools across Texas get featured on GenTX.org and receive t-shirts.

*Seniors are eligible for $1,500 college scholarship. 9th-11th graders are eligible for a $1,500 prize.


Arrow1   GenTX Week Star Award. The high school campus that completes the most college applications at ApplyTexas.org becomes the first-ever GenTX Week Star Award. See prizes for details.



Arrow1   The deadline to submit your online video entry form with the video link is
12 a.m. midnight (CST) on Friday, November 22, 2021 (the last day of Generation TX Week).