GenTX Day 2015 Was a Huge Success!

Thanks to you May 1, 2015 was the biggest GenTX Day yet! Communities all across Texas came together to show their united support for the students of Generation TX as they take that next step to pursue higher education, acquire career skills and pursue their dreams. Supporters everywhere got involved by wearing their favorite college T-shirt, and this simple, visible act showed students and families that higher education is important and attainable, and created opportunities for people to share their own personal story, choices, and careers.

In the State of Texas:

  • College Applications for the month of May 2015:  29,913
  • Seniors who signed on GenTX Day: 10,000+
  • K-12 Students Involved in GenTX Day College & Career Readiness Activities: 25,000+
  • GenTX Day Facebook Impressions: 33,159
  • GenTX Day Twitter Impressions: 8,767



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May 24, 2022