Communities Unite to Support College Enrollment on GenTX Day

On Friday, May 3, Generation TX (pronounced “Generation Texas”) will see its third GenTX Day come to life as students, educators, businesses and nonprofits in local communities across the state wear college t-shirts and hold rallies in a unified show of support to promote a college-going and career-ready culture in their hometowns.

This year, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), creators of the Generation Texas movement, is encouraging GenTX Day enthusiasts to take at least one of three steps towards college on GenTX Day:

  • Fill out a college application
  • Take a college tour
  • Be a college mentor

THECB has expanded the GenTX Day campaign with a new theme for this year: “Take a Step on GenTX Day.” The new theme is designed to motivate school and community groups to celebrate the day with college enrollment activities that help close educational gaps in their community. GenTX Day activities planned for this year include several new contests and a lineup of key community GenTX Day partners across the state.

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