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Senior Prep Checklist

Whether you choose a four-year university, a community college, or a career college, you’ll have to do some legwork to make your goal a reality. You don’t have to figure it out all alone though. We’ve gathered all the best resources into one handy checklist to help you navigate the process and prepare yourself for college and career. Print a pdf version of the checklist and mark the boxes off as you go to stay organized and make sure that you are on track to meet your college and career goals.


Steps To Prep

  • Review your class schedule. Meet with your counselor or adviser to ensure you meet all of the necessary college requirements.
  • Challenge yourself. Continue taking rigorous classes and keep your grades up.
  • Focus your college search. Narrow your list of colleges to between five and ten. Include some “match” schools (whose academic requirements you meet), “reach” schools (where your academic credentials fall below the range for average freshmen), and “safety” schools (where your academic credentials are above the range for average freshmen).
    Helpful websites: How to Choose a College That’s Right for YouMatch, Reach, and Safety Schools
  • Create a master calendar. Make a master calendar of important dates, including: test dates and registration deadlines, college application deadlines, financial aid deadlines, and any other important dates.
  • Attend college events. Attend college nights, college fairs, and other informational events. Be sure to come prepared with a list of your questions and concerns so that you can have a conversation with the college representatives. 
  • Visit college campuses. Find out when admissions tours are offered and visit campuses of those colleges that interest you. Try to sit in on a class, and talk with current students. Visiting schools will help you determine whether the size, location, and personality are right for you.
    Helpful websites: College Tour Questions
  • Stay involved in your activities. Continue pursuing leadership roles, and consider if there are any projects you can start or challenges you want to take on to make you stand out as an applicant. Be sure to update your brag sheet with your activities and leadership roles.
    Helpful websites: GenTX Rock Your Future
  • Update your college file. Your college file should be filling up this year, so be sure to keep it organized! Keep copies of test scores, applications for admission and financial aid, college essays, and any other relevant forms and paperwork.