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We are strong. We are independent. We are ready for careers. We support our families. We want to go to college. We face new challenges. We have unlimited potential. We believe in our future. We follow our dreams. We are the leaders of tomorrow. WE ARE GENERATION TX.

Generation TX is about passionate belief. It’s students, families, friends, and educators who believe that all Texas students belong on the path to education beyond high school. It’s about believing that the future depends on our success.

Get inspired by hearing students, parents, and our supporters tell their stories, and find out how more education means more options. Learn more about Generation TX and how we’re changing the future of Texas.


  • story_screen_shot_rogelio_maria

    Conoce a Rogelio, 17, con su mamá, María

    Estudiante junior en high school

    “El “sueño americano”, para mi, es graduarme de la universidad y convertirme en un profesional”

  • Understanding FAFSA

    Understanding FAFSA

    Financial Aid Experts

    The earlier you apply, the better chances you have of receiving some free money, or better financial aid.

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More education means more options—more choices, more power, more freedom. Check out these career paths to learn how more education today can change what you become tomorrow.

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